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Frequently Asked Questions

How should i submit articles?
You must first register & login to Article Snare. Then use "Submit" button to proceed with options.

Do you have any revenue sharing program?

Which languages do you support?
We allow only English articles.

I can't login to site and lost password function not working. What should i do?
Be sure that you have checked your spam, junk boxes. If you still can't access, then contact us providing some details.

Can i use links in article content?
No. You can use only in 'Author Biography' box. We will remove the links in body text.

How long does it take to get published?
We approve articles within 1-2 days.

How can i report an abuse?
You can use 'Report' function in article page.

May i publish and article on my site?
Yes. But you must keep the links of author and Article Snare.

How do I place links in my articles?
You must use HTML tags to link your sites. Basicly you can use in that format. Gregory is author of <a href="">My site</a>.